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Meghan Markle has redesigned
her royal engagement ring

Despite having one of the most famous rocks on her finger, Meghan Markle (now formally known as the Duchess of Sussex) has decided to buck yet another royal trend and has redesigned her engagement ring.

The ring given to her by Prince Harry originally featured a gold band and three rather large diamonds, with the centre diamond being lifted from Princess Diana’s personal collection. The ring shot to stardom the second Meghan and Harry announced their royal engagement, with the British press capturing every single angle of the ‘Markle Sparkle’ possible.

While Meghan kept the ring as is for the entirety of her engagement, a year after saying ‘I do’ the Duchess has now shaken things up and redesigned the look and feel of the ring.

She has switched the original gold band for a thinner, daintier band that is completely covered with diamonds—bringing the total number of rocks on the ring up by a significant amount.

The before and after pics of the royal ring can were shared by Town & Country, clearly displaying the drastic change in style:

While we’re surprised there has been a redesign at all, if anyone was going to do it, it would have been Meghan—who has consistently broken the royal rules since beginning her relationship with Prince Harry. We’re just excited to see what she shakes up next in the palace!

Would you ever redesign the engagement ring you were proposed with? And if so, what’s the polite amount of changes you can make to your rock?