Should You Have A ‘Wedding Day Perfume’?


Your wedding day is set to be stuffed to the brim with stunning memories, so most couples plan to capture as much as possible with their photographers and videographers in tow. However, there’s something that can have memories of your big day flooding in faster than any photo – and it’s all to do with your nose.

Yep, we’re talking scents, smells and – of course – perfume. Scents have a remarkable way of bringing us right back to a specific moment, and so choosing a perfume that you wear just on your wedding day is the perfect way to capture those memories and effectively bottle them up.

But what perfume do you choose? We’ve pulled the most classic, iconic and popular scents for brides to bathe themselves in for their big day, as well as highlighting one spectacular alternative.

If you’re looking for something a little more individual (and let’s face it, who isn’t on their wedding day?!) then we have a brilliant option for you. You can create your own perfume.

Genius bespoke perfumerie house, Maison 21G, allows brides and grooms to develop an individual scent through a delicate, clever process. It begins with identifying one of their Solo Scents or Solid Perfumes that you resonate with the most before exploring a further six ‘Discovery Coffrets’ to build up your bespoke scent. Once you’ve developed your signiture scent, it’ll be encapsulated in a 21-gram customisable bottle.


Why 21-grams we hear you cry? Well because a study published in the New York Times claims that the weight of the human soul is exactly 21-grams. Hence the size of the bottle and also the name Maison 21G. In addition to this, the eau de parfums are also made with the highest level of perfume concentrate in the industry – 21%. This means that the scent is extremely long-lasting, so there’s no need to top up between the ceremony and reception.

Interested in dabbling in bespoke perfumerie? Well, lucky for Sydney brides, Maison 21G has just opened their first international store right in the heart of the city in the Hyatt Regency Sydney. Meaning you can stroll right in and develop your wedding day scent.

Book in your appointment today by heading to Maison 21G Boutique.

Maison 21G Boutique // Lobby, 161 Sussex St, Sydney NSW, 2000
Opening Hours // Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 6:30pm // Sunday 10am – 5pm



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