Founded by Melbourne based photographer Liv, every image is a combination of raw and refined; unpolished beauty with elements of sophistication featured throughout.

As an editorial photographer with a lifestyle influence, Liv revels in those natural, untouched moments and uses her love for fashion and fine art to guide the way each scene is framed. This ability to capture those small, candid moments while also curating each detail where necessary is what allows her to tell a uniquely personal story.

The knowing glances, the anticipation, the details you spent so long planning; through her lens, Liv transforms these moments into memories. Her love for what she does is never more evident than when she is wiping away a few tears during the speeches or sharing an uncoordinated boogie on the dance floor with your guests. Having shot countless weddings throughout her career, Liv understands that every client’s big day is unique, special and intimate. This is what allows her to get that perfect shot, whether it be centred around gorgeous natural lighting, sparking an intimate conversation, capturing the mood with a striking black and white photo or gently guiding you into position.

Her ability to understand your individual style, personality and dynamic ensures the images you put in your album are ones you love for a lifetime.


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