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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Would-Have-Been Wedding Date

By Katie Stow

Our hearts really go out to couples who have had to make the tough decision to postpone their wedding due to the devastating Coronavirus pandemic. This is a tough call to make regardless of whether you had just started wedding planning or were a few weeks away from your big day. But we are immensely proud of those brides and grooms who have opted to postpone over cancelling because actions like this mean that all the lovely wedding vendors will ride out this wave and be ready and waiting to bring your beautiful weddings to life at a later date!

But let’s talk about what to do on the date your wedding was ~supposed~ to be on. Your OG-pre-COVID wedding date.

(Seeing as social distancing and self-isolation rules are strictly at play, most of these activities are at-home options for those living with their spouse-to-be.)

#1 Attempt to cook your wedding menu

We feel like this weird time is bringing out everyone’s inner master chef, so why not attempt to serve up your wedding menu?! Or at least a version of it. Head out to the shops and nab the ingredients for your main meal and cook up a storm. Also, if you were storing your wedding wine at home, treat yourself to bottle of that with dinner.


#2 Send each other vow-teasers

If you had already written your vows and want to save them for the big day, why not write an alternate version to share with each other on your would-have-been-wedding date? You can make it all about why you’re still excited to be taking the next step in your relationship and how self-isolating with your significant other is proving that you’ve made the right decision to life-up with them. (Obviously feel free to remove that option if you already want to murder them for actively ignoring the dishes for god knows how many days.)

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#3 Dress up!

For anyone who is working from home (or have found themselves stood down at work), that means that you’ve probably been existing in a pretty lounge-tastic state. We’re talking trackies, big old jumpers and not a lot of bra happening in the last couple weeks. So spice things up and dress up for your night in! If you have something white that could be a nice nod to your OG wedding date, but to be honest, having a shower and shaving your legs will be a huge step up during this time, so do what feels right!


#4 Brighten up your home with your wedding flowers

Call your wedding florist (or if you hadn’t booked yours yet, check out our list of recommended florists here) and ask them to put together a bunch or two using the flowers you were planning to have at your wedding (or as close to them as you can get). Flowers always make you smile, but having your wedding flowers around you on your would-be-wedding-date will have you grinning from ear to ear.

#5 Have your cake and eat it too

Some gorgeous bakers are offering couples mini versions of their wedding cake or versions-of a wedding cake with messages like ‘I Do …Later!’. Ring up your baker (or pick from one of our faves) and have a slice on your would-be-wedding date while you and your fiancé dance around the kitchen to your first dance song.

…We know these don’t fully replace your wedding day, but celebrating your relationship on your would-be-wedding-date is important and will get you excited for your new postponed wedding date where you will finally get to say ‘I Do’ to the love of your life.

All images via @elopementcollective


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